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Proprietorship to Private Limited Company

As the business of any person grows, it is now the necessity of the time to be get converted into a structured and organized business for which a Private Limited company is the best example. There is no act and laws to govern the Proprietorship in India, hence there is no good recognition of this in the global world of business except in Taxation authorities as there is no separate legal entity of proprietorship, no perpetual succession and limited liability, so it is now important to make your business to be recognized everywhere. As the business grows the business needs more finance which can be easily obtained by banks and other Financial Institutions after the conversion of Proprietorship to Company.


Ø  A minimum no. of 2 members & maximum of 200 (Excluding employees and past employees having membership the Company).
Ø  Minimum 2 directors required and a maximum of 15 directors, this limit of maximum directors can be removed by passing necessary resolutions in the meetings of company.
Ø  DSC (Digital Signature Certificate) is required.
Ø  DIN (Director Identification Number) is required in favour of the directors.

Documents for Company Registration:

Ø  PAN card details of all the directors and shareholders.
Ø  Address Proof such as Aadhar Card/ Driving Licence/ Voter card, of all the directors and shareholders.
Ø  Passport size photograph of directors.
Ø  A Copy of Rent agreement & No Objection Certificate from the landlord of the business place if the business premises are rented or leased in favor the Company.
Ø  Other utility bills such as telephone, water, gas, or electricity bill as residential proof of the registered office. It should not be older than 2 months.

Additions in our services for Company Registration:

Ø  DIN for 2 Directors.
Ø  Certificate of Incorporaion
Ø  Memorandum of Association
Ø  Articles of Association
Ø  Digital Signature For 2 Directors
Ø  Statutory Fees.
Ø  PAN Card & TAN no.
Ø  All other Consultancies regarding that.