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Limited Liability Partnership (LLPs)

A Limited Liability Partnership is an advanced version of the traditional Partnership Firms. It is an innovative way to corporatize the partnership firms in the world of modern businesses where the each partner is not responsible or liable for another partner's misconduct or negligence. It is an incorporated partnership formed and registered under Limited Liability Partnership Act, 2008 with the feature of Limited liability, perpetual succession and legal entity separate from its partners. The provisions of Indian Partnership Act, 1932 are not applicable on LLPs. It is viewed as an alternate corporate business vehicle which has the features of the both company as well as partnership firm, as it allows the feature of limited liability and also allowed its partners the flexibility of organizing their internal structure as on the partnership based mutually arrived agreement.  


Ø  Minimum 2 Partners who are Individuals & having the age of 18 years or above to be named as Designated Partners
Ø  Any one of the Designated partner to be the Resident in India.
Ø  No restriction on maximum no. of partners and the other Body Corporates can also be the partner in such LLPs.
Ø  No minimum capital requirement.
Ø  DSC (Digital Signature Certificate) is required.
Ø  DPIN (Designated Partner Identification Number) is required in favour of the designated partners.

Documents for LLP Registration:

Ø  Copy of PAN Card of partners
Ø  Passport size photograph of partners
Ø  Copy of Aadhar Card/ Voter identity card/ Driver’s license as address proof.
Ø  Electricity/ Water bill/ Telephone bill/ Latest bank statement as proof of Registered Office (Business Place)
Ø  Copy of Sale Deed/Property Deed (If owned property), otherwise the Landlord NOC if the property is taken on rent / lease.
Ø  Passport in case of Foreign Nationals/ NRIs who want to partner in such LLP.

Additions in our services for LLP Registration:

Ø  DPIN for 2 Partners
Ø  Digital Signature For 2 Partners
Ø  LLP Agreement
Ø  Statutory Fees
Ø  PAN Card & TAN no.
Ø  All other Consultancies regarding that.