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About Section 8 Company

It is the limited company formed under the objects of promoting commerce, arts, science, sports, education, research, social welfare, religion, charity, protection of environment or any such other objects. It is the way to get your company to be notified as a Trust/NGO under the provisions of Companies act, 2013.Even it can be operated from more than one place in India. This type of registered company avails numerous benefits like taxation benefits, no stamp duty for section 8 company registration, relaxation in terms of compliances, and provides more credibility.


Ø  The objects shall be like promoting commerce social welfare, religion, charity, arts etc.
Ø  Application of the profits and any other income arising out of that activities in promoting its objects only.
Ø  Prohibition of any payment towards dividend to its members.
Ø  Minimum no. of 2 directors in case of private co. and 3 in case of public co., subject to maximum of 15 directors.

Documents for Sec. 8 Company Registration:

Ø  PAN card details of all the directors and shareholders.
Ø  Address Proof such as Aadhar Card/ Driving Licence/ Voter card, of all the directors and shareholders.
Ø  Passport size photograph of directors.
Ø  A Copy of Rent agreement & No Objection Certificate from the landlord of the business place if the business premises are rented or leased in favor the Company.
Ø  Other utility bills such as telephone, water, gas, or electricity bill as residential proof of the registered office. It should not be older than 2 months.

Additions in our services for Sec. 8 Company Registration:

Ø  DIN for 2 Directors.
Ø  DSC of 2 Directors.
Ø  Certificate of Incorporaion
Ø  Memorandum of Association
Ø  Articles of Association
Ø  Statutory Fees.
Ø  PAN Card & TAN no.
Ø  All other Consultancies regarding that.