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7 Reasons to Incorporate One Person Company


7 Reasons to Incorporate One Person Company

One Person Company What is (OPC)? One Person Company OPC is a private limited Company with one person ownership similar to that of a sole proprietorship firm. This is the first time in entrepreneurial history India, a single person can own a corporate entity.

Reasons why we should incorporate One Person Company:

1.    LIMITED LIABILITY to directors and shareholders Helps protect your personal assets and saving, if the business entries into cries.

2.     SOCIAL RECOGNITION for your business your OPC will be world renowned Pvt. Ltd. structure. Enjoys corporate entity status is society Helps to attract quality workforce and retain them.

3.    LEGAL STATUS of the Company with the single owner. This Leads to fast decision making and execution. Yet you can upto 15 directors in the OPC for administrative functions, without giving any share to them.

4.    COMPLETE CONTROL helps for model and enables Funding The OPC structure helps start up Entrepreneurs to easily test the business model, a prototype and upon building a marketable product to approach Angel investors, Venture capitalists for funding and easily a convert into multi shareholder Private Limited Liability.

5.    TESTING OF BUSINESS. Easy to get banking and financial institutions prefer to land money to the company than proprietary firms.

6.    LOAN FROM BANKS. Easy to manage your business and from compliances OPC is one of the easiest forms of corporate entities to manage. Minimal documents to be filed with the Registrar of Companies (ROC).

7.    FREEDOM.  Director of OPC can work as per his freedom. He need not depend on another director or shareholders consent before taking any decision.

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